Platformonomics TGIF #22: September 15, 2023


New post format: a weekly rollup of links, comments on those links, activity updates and attempts at humor.  The intention is quicker hits in addition to the less frequent big posts and more timely hammering on my favorite themes. This is my primary hangout until the contours of the post-Twitter world become clear. Be sure to subscribe below and to the right to receive all my output via email.

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(The First) Google Antitrust Trial Kicks Off

Previous: The DOJ Play at Home Game, A New Antitrust Doctrine, Google’s Turn in the Antitrust Hotseat

AWS: “We’re three rankles into a 10k rankle”

Previous: “Every Single” Amazon PR Team is Working on Generative AI (Part I’ve Lost Count), “Every Single” Amazon PR Team is Working on Generative AI, Titan or Titanic?, Amazon Pioneers LLM-less Generative AI, A PR Campaign About Nothing: AWS and Generative AI, Day Two of Amazon’s PR Campaign About Nothing, Amazon’s Relentless PR Campaign About Nothing
Related: “Amazon’s the only one that’s not playing ball with Nvidia”

Larry Ellison Makes Pilgrimage to Redmond

“Oracle is desperate to defend its database business which has lost considerable share to the cloud,” Fitzgerald said via email. “Unable to woo many customers to Oracle Cloud, Oracle is now relenting and encouraging customers to run Oracle Database on Azure. Microsoft wins as they have the broader customer relationship and pick up workloads around the database like AI and analytics.”

Previous: Follow the CAPEX: Keeping Up With The Clowns
Related: Kim Jong Un’s Armored Train, Oracle draws parallels to New York Jets as stock slides after earnings

Salesforce Rallies Its Deep Bench of AI Experts (and Cartoon Characters)

It got awkward as each company expected the other was bringing some actual technology to the partnership.

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EU Explores Replacing Regulators with Generative AI

Related: On the Phenomenon of Bullshit Jobs (one of the three canonical texts for understanding the impact of AI on white color workers)

The Perils of Working for a Cult of Personality

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