Platformonomics TGIF #21: September 8, 2023


New post format: a weekly rollup of links, comments on those links, activity updates and attempts at humor.  The intention is quicker hits in addition to the less frequent big posts and more timely hammering on my favorite themes. This is my primary hangout until the contours of the post-Twitter world become clear. Be sure to subscribe below and to the right to receive all my output via email.

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O Brother, Where Art Thy GPUs?

Forget a dollar peg, it is only a matter of time before some enterprising nation moves to a GPU-backed currency.

Amazon’s Awesome Antitrust Adventure Approaches

The arc of hipster antitrust begins with Lina Khan’s law school paper The Amazon Antitrust Paradox. The paper made her name and got her the job of FTC chair (despite no other experience or qualifications). If press reports are to be believed, this suit only pursues a fraction of the claims against Amazon in the original paper. If I’m Amazon, I like my chances given the track record of the FTC (slogan: “we love to lose“) under Khan.

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No Team at Amazon is Working on Nuclear Power

Disappointed to learn AWS has no effort under way to use nuclear power for its data centers. Since having actual offerings is evidently not a barrier to an aggressive PR campaign (see generative AI), I hope to see them crank up the volume about nuclear power. Suggested soundbite: “we’re three fission events into a chain reaction”.

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IBM “Cloud”

The real shock is IBM is still pretending to have a cloud. 🤡🤡🤡

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This Week’s Software Migration Alerts

When private equity comes amalgamating, it is time to start migrating. Why? Because private equity ruins software companies.

The only thing worse than private equity buying software companies is when they buy healthcare companies (and kill people).

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Are AI Doomers on a European Calendar?

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