Tweetstorm Digest: Reaction to Oracle Earnings and Coverage of Oracle Earnings


The threading of these @charlesfitz Tweets was all messed up. I blame Elon.

Now that the New York Times has cancelled the world’s worst technology column, our tech media quality control efforts have shifted to the Acceleration (aka the “yay Oracle” blog).

Reprising here:

1\ Special Oracle PR Operation (aka the “yay Oracle” blog) predictably cheerleads Oracle earnings results.

2\ Unclear why they are unable to compare apples to apples (IaaS vs. SaaS vs. combined). Just don’t understand or willing to intentionally mislead (to Oracle’s benefit)?

And still no disclosure on what their relationship with Oracle is.

3\ Focus on growth obviously to Oracle’s advantage, as Oracle very small in cloud. Certainly more advantageous than a comparison of revenue or customer sat 😉

They also mislead by including inorganic revenue from Cerner acquisition which added $1.5 billion this quarter.

4\ But Oracle is still way, way behind in the cloud. Consider Oracle IaaS vs. AWS:

Also unclear how much of their IaaS revenue is from their own SaaS business.

5\ Oracle’s core problem is their database franchise has gone from 49% share (2011) to 20% today because ignored and poo-pooed cloud for a decade.

6\ Database business put up 3% growth (including hefty support revenue). Growth is all in the cloud, hence Oracle’s belated recognition they need be in the cloud. But they should have done it a decade ago.

7\ Oracle finally started to spend on cloud infrastructure CAPEX, and inflection brings joy to CAPEX enthusiasts.

But still ~$150 billion in CAPEX spend behind AWS, Google and Microsoft. Each of those companies spent more on CAPEX last year than Oracle in its entire history.

8\ Oracle also has entered their AI-washing phase. Larry touted their GPUs and network (aka hardware), which underscores they have no AI software assets. We’ll see if like with cloud it takes them a decade to wake up and actually invest.

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