Platformonomics TGIF #29: November 3, 2023


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Why Not Cut Out the Middleman and Just Name AI Safety Rules After Dystopian Science Fiction Movies?

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Existential Risk Now Has a Precise Threshold

Suggestions include the Bergeron Constant, the Conga line, the Altman line and the Cristiano Ronaldo FLOPS line. When will my laptop do 10^26 FLOPs?

Previous: You Can’t Spell Alien Invasion Without A and I, Existential AI Risk + Twitter-level Nuance

Depreciation Schedules Meet Moore’s Law

Some financiers are furiously hitting F9 in Excel as they realize their collateralized NVIDIA H100s may not in fact have the six to eight year useful life they expected a week or two ago. Track H100s on eBay here.

Previous: GPUs as an Asset Class, GPUs Are Better Than Any Financial Asset (For Now), Brother, Where Art Thy GPUs?

Anthropic Adds Billions For More Existential AI Hand-wringing

Is it vendor financing if Google Cloud has no GPUs available?

Previous: Culture Clash Conjecture: Amazon and Anthropic

OMG, People are Using Electricity

The New York Times has done a search-and-replace on their prior hysterical stories about power consumption for cloud computing and cryptocurrency, this time for AI. The scarcity mindset doesn’t seem to learn, even from their own reporting. Abundant energy is the foundation of advanced civilization. And businesses will manage costs.

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