Platformonomics TGIF #27: October 20, 2023


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Excellent Trolling by The Information

The lede from an interview with Amazon’s generative AI product manager, Andy Jassy:

Paragraph three:

Amazon Now Forecasts They Won’t Be Competitive In Generative AI For Over 13,000 Years

Our previous analysis concluded that if you were running a 10K and had spent a month on the third step, it would take over 800 years to finish the race. But we’re now in the fourth month still stuck on that third step AND the race has been extended to a marathon.

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Amazon’s AI Communications Clown Show: Cause or Effect?

You Can’t Spell Misinformation Without MSM

The megaliths of mainstream media deeply embarrassed themselves in the last week by eagerly acting as unquestioning press agents for Hamas (while simultaneously bemoaning misinformation on social media that was the corrective to the media’s misinformation), and then digging in to defend their errors. It isn’t clear if they’re just committed to a narrative regardless of reality and/or are just bad at journalism. But we’ve seen this before in their tech coverage.

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More Power Consumption Hysteria

To quote myself, “hyperbolic power consumption predictions have a dismal track record” (and from that researcher in particular). We should be focused on abundant energy, not debating what is and isn’t worthy power consumption under a scarcity mindset. But if the BBC is worried, they could opt to shut themselves down to save power. Turning off the BBC would also reduce misinformation, riots, and failed diplomatic efforts.

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Useful Idiots, Fellow Travelers and Unregistered Foreign Agents: Apple

It is time to start calling out the Chinese Communist Party’s allies in the West who act on their behalf.

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