Platformonomics TGIF #23: September 22, 2023


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AWS: “It’s Day 0.1 in generative AI”

More unprecedented PR activity from AWS, while actual product remains missing in action. They must have stumbled on that much-hyped third step in the 10k race, so summoned the media to announce a new metaphor. One attendee described the event as “rambling”.

For the record, ChatGPT was released 296 days ago. If Amazon waits for re:Invent to deliver its own LLM, it won’t be Day 2, it will be Year 2.

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Yet Alexa Gets an LLM: Which?

Days after the momentous metaphor migration, Amazon held its annual event where they throw random talking devices at the wall to see if any stick (spoiler: none have). They casually mentioned they’re putting a LLM behind Alexa. No mention of which LLM and no one seems to have asked (major media omission). Given their insatiable desire to beat their chests about any semblance of generative AI relevance, I think we would have heard if it were an Amazon LLM. My guess is they’re using someone else’s (Anthropic?) and hope to swap in their own down the road. But epic audible hallucinations await! The NY Times’ hallucinations editor (no, not Thomas Friedman) must be salivating .

Kudos for the FTC. Seriously.

Private equity kills software companies, but they kill people when they invest in healthcare.

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The EU’s Reckoning Approaches

A continent can’t live solely on fines of American tech companies.

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EU Reverts to Form

There was that one time I found myself in loose agreement with the European Union. Let the record show they have reverted to form, so I am now spared that indignity. Arrogance and confusion are a dangerous combination for policy-making. And a huge distraction as their industrial foundation crumbles.

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GPUs Are Better Than Any Financial Asset (For Now)

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Xi Jinping Thought on Wall Street Running Dogs

Couldn’t happen to a nicer set of fellow travelers, useful idiots and unlicensed foreign agents. Wall Street remains the CCP’s biggest ally.

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