Platformonomics TGIF #25: October 6, 2023


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Nuclear Powered Cloud Approaching Critical Mass?

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FTC Suit Against Amazon Continues to Befuddle

This case looks like it will come down to the FTC jumping up and down about some (currently redacted) “bad email” to distract from their incoherent case.

Ben Thompson brings the heat trying to explain how the Internet (and business) work to the FTC. His interlocutor commits the common sin of invoking the Microsoft antitrust case without any clue what he is talking about (but that’s antitrust for you).

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Amazon Pauses Lectures on Generative AI

After months of talking incessantly about nothing, Amazon’s generative AI PR teams (all of them, as we were told) seem to be about three days into a long-overdue vacation. No lectures this week on their three-step tier strategy, how it is very early days, the many concerns of enterprises about the technology, that there will be so very many models, homages to Switzerland, how renting GPUs is a perfectly adequate play, and that Amazon has always led in AI (at least in their own minds). They’re no doubt moving onto the task of turning re:Invent into the Anthropic developer conference. Hopefully no more than half the sessions will be about existential risk thumb-sucking.

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The Utilification of Cloud Continues

KYC growing beyond just Chinese companies

Bureaucrats have ideas how the cloud should work

Previous: Know Your Customer Comes to the Cloud

Can We Just Stop with “AI-Powered”?

Media who write stories like this will get no sympathy when real AI comes for them. At least drill down one level, preferably more. I did not check, but assume SoftBank is involved in this deal.

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