Platformonomics TGIF #17: August 3, 2023


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Amazon Pioneers LLM-less Generative AI

After popularizing serverless computing, Amazon is now pushing the idea of doing Generative AI without an LLM. So much talk, still no Amazon LLM.

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Q2 Cloud CAPEX: Now with Amazon

Huge drop in Amazon CAPEX (this is company level, not AWS, which they only report annually). Microsoft almost spending as much as Amazon all up (retail, AWS and whatever other projects Jassy has not yet discovered/shut down) is a milestone.

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New Relic Falls into Private Equity’s Clutches After All

When private equity comes amalgamatin’, it is time to start migratin’. Both New Relic and Sumo customers are on notice. Prices will go up, development will slow and a reminder private equity often treats security as an unnecessary extravagance.

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Cloud Repatriation: Still Not a Thing

After a blip of an uptick towards the colo companies last quarter, and despite the epic 37Servers (and that may be generous) repatriation, the trend is still overwhelmingly towards the cloud.

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Lumen Rebrand Looms

Like a snake shedding its skin, Lumen periodically rebrands (AT&T -> US West -> Qwest -> CenturyTel -> CenturyLink -> Lumen Technologies). Rebranding is easier than fixing the business. Amazingly, this is the part of the company they kept after jettisoning the local phone business to private equity.

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Please Explain Again Why Ethereum is Not a Security

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2 responses

  1. Collin Sullivan Avatar

    After seeing AWS earnings today it almost seems like they hit the sweet spot perfectly in reduction in Capex.

  2. ‘@Collin – definitely looks that way. They don’t break out AWS vs. retail capex in quarterly reports (only annual), but their guidance is AWS CAPEX up, retail continuing to decline, and overall number continuing to decline (down double digits for 2023). So looks like a big haircut on retail spend. They’re touting “regionalization” of the fulfillment network which maybe is just software. Hard to tell.

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