Platformonomics TGIF #9: June 2, 2023


New post format: a weekly rollup of links, comments on those links, activity updates and attempts at humor.  The intention is quicker hits in addition to the less frequent big posts and more timely hammering on my favorite themes. This is my primary hangout until the contours of the post-Twitter world become clear. Be sure to subscribe below and to the right to receive all my output via email.

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Existential AI Risk + Twitter-level Nuance

Existential AI fearmongering is now available in a Tweet-length statement. The constraints of Twitter-length discourse of course mean it is impossible to provide any causal explanation of how extinction might play out nor what action should be taken to mitigate those risks (including but not limited to career changes by the signatories). But it does let the concerned quickly get back to their AI work!

New Relic Gets Stay of Execution (from Private Equity)

Private equity “failed to secure enough debt financing” to buy New Relic, whose customers can now cancel their emergency migration plans. The tailwinds for private equity are over.
Previous: Perfidious Private Equity, New Relic to Become a New (Private Equity) Relic
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Cloud CAPEX: All About the GPUs

GPUs, GPUs, GPUs, GPUs!!!
Previous: so much CAPEX, the Google CAPEX Mystery

Still Looking for Cloud Repatriation Beneficiaries

Previous: Platformonomics Repatriation Index™
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From Anti-Portfolios to Indicted Portfolios

Bessemer invented the idea of the Anti-Portfolio: the companies you regret not investing in. Enter the Indicted Portfolio: the crypto companies you (hopefully!) passed on which have subsequently been indicted by the Federal Government. I’m up to two!

The Looming Layoffs for Venture Capitalists

Wish I had the data series for the last five years of people on LinkedIn identifying as venture capitalists. It will be tough for a lot of people but the drawdown is just getting started. My guess is at least 50% of VCs are going away. Seeing many zombie VCs already who can’t raise more money and aren’t supporting their portfolio companies.
Previous: The Great Startup Reset

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