Platformonomics TGIF #11: June 16, 2023


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EU says “discrimination, not extinction, is a more pressing concern for AI”

First take: That is eminently sensible. This must come as a huge blow for AI doomers who had to assume the EU was in their camp, given the EU’s level of technology confusion and desire to regulate at breakneck speed without much concern as to whether the harm and/or solution make any sense.

Second take: OMG, I’m agreeing with the EU on something. The doomer’s doomer is my friend, I guess.
Previous: AI Regulation: Move Fast and Regulate Things

Google: An AI-First Company (Except in Europe)

While OpenAI managed to recite the necessary incantations over chicken entrails to become “compliant” with GDPR in Italy in less than a month, Google still hasn’t shipped Bard in the EU because of “something something GDPR something”.
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Google: A Regulation-First Company?

Google continues to outperform on the responsibility axis versus the boldness axis, but it is nice to see a company begging for regulation actually make a specific suggestion.

FTC Takes Time Travel Antitrust Theory to Court

Antitrust agency sues to prevent Microsoft from closing acquisition of Activision.
Previous: A New Antitrust Doctrine

Private Equity Destroying Things People Love: Instant Pot Edition

Private equity doesn’t just destroy software companies.
Previous: Perfidious Private Equity
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Social Media Fussbudgets Struggling to Keep Up With AI Doomers

Salesforce’s Shamelessness is Staggering

So much marketing, so little software.

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