Introducing the Platformonomics Repatriation Index™


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Today, on Twitter (not Mastodon), we introduced the Platformonomics Repatriation Index™.

Remember cloud repatriation? The cloud was due for a mass exodus, or so claimed some (self-interested) venture capitalists.

Beyond the moribund DropBox and the attention-seekers at 37signals (who have yet to repatriate and may lose interest after publishing that post), actual examples of repatriation are far and few between.

But maybe we can find some repatriation in the aggregate data. Let’s check in on Digital Realty Trust $DLR and Equinix $EQIX, the two biggest data center providers, who should be the biggest beneficiaries of any repatriation wave.

How do the growth rates of $DLR and $EQIX stack up to the hyperclouds?

Note that the data center champions are doing acquisitions which add to their growth rates while the hyperclouds are putting up their growth numbers on order of magnitude higher revenue. The decline in hypercloud growth is due to the law of large numbers and is not matched by any data center uptick.

A simpler metric might be to just look at the combined revenue of $DLR + $EQIX as a percentage of AWS (which I dub the Platformonomics Repatriation Index™).

With the PRI™ hitting a new, all-time low, there may be a better case for re-repatriation…

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