The Cloud is Not Flat – 2019 Edition


The 2019 geographic view of Gartner’s Cloud Infrastructure as a Service Magic Quadrant:


Previous geographic locales Seattle, Lesser Seattle, and Nichelandia remain unchanged. A new locale, Next Generation Hybrid Cloud Multicloud Fantasy Island, has been added to reflect IBM’s cloud strategy de jour.

Previous installments: 2018, 2017, 2016, 2015

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  1. Hello. I’d love to read a post of yours about Oracle’s lost opportunity to leverage “Sun Cloud” (previously Sun Grid) to fight Amazon Web Services.

    I just re-read some documents about the Sun Cloud (such as and it struck me how at sun they (..we) had a clear vision of the “cloud” idea, a robust platform and were about to become a major player….when the company was sold.

    What did Oracle do instead? They “discontinued the project” in 2010.


  2. ‘@marco

    Not a topic I’m likely to dig into unfortunately. History suggests Sun was better at telling the story than the actual execution. And Larry was still famously dismissing the cloud years after that.

    Big, successful companies doing completely new things successfully requires a big dose of serendipity. And even harder if the new thing is a substitute for their existing business. Microsoft’s pivot to the cloud all the more remarkable when seen through this lens. Don’t think it would have happened if they hadn’t recently had their heads handed to them on search, smartphones, tablets, etc.

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