I’ve gotten multiple requests to dance on Sun’s grave, but Fake Steve seems to have the ceremonies well in hand.  I just need something from the wine cellar to accompany the festivities.  Perhaps a nice bottle of Churlish Chardonnay…


Mobile Photo Feb 7, 2010 11 29 55 PM (What ever happened to that Java ring?)

Mobile Photo Feb 7, 2010 11 46 53 PM

Mobile Photo Feb 7, 2010 11 47 03 PM

This was an Intel product if I remember correctly, underscoring how tough it is to pair chips and wine.

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  1. The guys that tried to sell that Java ring are on the market now — Oracle doesn’t cotton to the beardies at Sun — and showing up at Microsoft running developer evangelism!So Scooter and My Little Pony live on — I guess this keeps them partying with their buddies in Silicon Valley.I’m sure they’ll leave Microsoft as soon as something better comes along and write insightful blog posts with titles like "My year in hell."

  2. Microsoft evangelism people – anything to say in your defense? Are there sightings of "beardies"?

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