Good for the Goose


Clusterstock goes one better than my totally whacky suggestion of holding Congress accountable for their actions and to the same standards they require from others through explicit fiduciary responsibility:

Should we consider imprisoning Congressman who vote the wrong way on such laws as

  • Glass Steagal repealmant.
  • Not reining in Fannie and Freddie.
  • Letting banks keep off-balance sheet vehicles, even while cracking down on them in other industries.
  • Voting to deregulate the derivatives market.
  • Supporting ethanol and other deadly farm subisidies.

And on and on and on and on…

Political malpractice seems like an idea whose time has come – let the trial lawyers go after lawmakers whose actions have ill-effects.  Perhaps there is even a market for political malpractice insurance (not sure I’d risk my own money on it though).

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