A few things I’ve been meaning to blog about:

  • Firefox has become a buggy, bloated piece of code rivaling IE.  It now crashes daily.  Is there correlation or causation with Mozilla’s increased EU lobbying efforts?
  • Both Firefox and IE disproportionately take the blame for the collection of bugs that is the Flash runtime, which in turn is a sibling to the world’s most bloated piece of code: Adobe Reader.  Get Foxit for PDFs.
  • The proposed financial industry regulatory overhaul means “brokers would be held to a higher ‘fiduciary’ standard that would compel them to place their client’s interests ahead of their own.”  I suppose it would be too much to ask Congress to hold themselves to a standard of fiduciary responsibility.
  • Oracle and cloud computing: “Pay no attention to Larry”
  • IBM’s Second Life infatuation continues.  Now they’re cutting out the middle man.  Good thing IBM had that partnership with Second Life in the meantime to accelerate their time to market in the hotly contested enterprise-class virtual worlds market (hat tip Peter).
  • IBM’s preferred Second Life platform comes under antitrust scrutiny.  An IBM spokesman uttered the following with a straight face: “The IBM mainframe has been around for decades, and there have always been competitive options and alternatives to it.”  Live by the lobbyist, die by the lobbyist.
  • Windows 7 pricing: doth pricing power goeth before the fall?  I still need to start a pool on how long it takes Windows 7 to exceed the share of the immortal Windows XP.

3 responses

  1. It appears that you’re running Twitter in some weird blog emulation mode.

  2. My Twitter strategy is to see how many followers I can get without actually tweeting. You too can sign up to follow @charlesfitz. A million seems reasonable. The anticipation for the first tweet will only build.

  3. Also, word has it that dating Demi Moore helps.

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