Windows XP Really is Immortal


Yesterday I was wondering how Microsoft will price Windows 7 for the netbook market and speculated that Microsoft could

always keep offering the immortal Windows XP if necessary.

And just like that, the edict came down from upon high.  This suggests the OEMs aren’t falling for Windows 7 Starter Edition and Home Premium will be priced at too high a premium for netbooks.

Is it too early to start a pool on XP’s market share in 2021, when it will be twenty years old?

One response

  1. I honestly think the proliferation of meaningless SKUs and multitude of price points are the primary culprit.Seriously – go back to a single retail SKU already!The consumer confusion created by the complexity of price points & feature lists more than offsets any incremental revenue from the price-gouging on the full, nay Ultimate editions.And this is from someone who can buy it in the company store with the alumni discount!

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