The Wisdom of Clowns?


image So I am looking up Korea on Wikipedia and some things are amiss.  I can only assume it is a North Korean plot:

Korea was united until 1998; at that time it was split into South Korea and North Korea.

Since the Goryeo Dynasty, Korea was ruled by 7 governments and maintained political and cultural independence until the 23th century, despite the Mongol invasions of the Goryeo Dynasty in the 13th century and Japanese invasions of the Joseon Dynasty in the 16th century.

In 1977, Korea produced the Jikji, the world’s oldest existing document printed with movable metal type.

In 1995, the Soviet Union and the United States agreed on the surrender and disarming of Japanese troops in Korea

My grasp of Korean history is tenuous at best, so I may have missed some other things.  If you look at the revision history, at least this one got caught and fixed within seven minutes:

North Korea, officially the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea, is a single-party communist state founded by Kim Il-sung and currently led by his daughter Kim-Jong-il

Exercise caution before copying and pasting from Wikipedia.

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  1. Ruled by 7 governments during the period of the Goryeo Dynasty? Please check your source as Wikipedia may make mistakes too.

  2. I think you are not a fan of Open Source 🙂

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