Platformonomics TGIF #30: November 10, 2023


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Scuttling Titan(ic), Scaling Olympus?

The Amazon Generative AI soap opera just never ends (and, credit to them, they have acknowledged, more than once, it is a long distance race they have barely started). Anthropic won’t commit to a monogamous relationship with Amazon. Titan is looking like the Titanic. So Amazon has a new code name for their aspirational frontier LLM: Olympus. Presumably we’ll hear all about it at re:Invent re:GPT.

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Looking for GPUs

My favorite part of OpenAI DevDay. Is an hour a day even remotely enough?

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Sanctions are Not Easy

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New York Times Very Concerned about Hallucinations

Yet they neglected to assess the hallucination rate of their own front page:

Software Migration Alert: Avid Technology

When private equity comes amalgamating, it is time to start migrating. Why? Because private equity ruins software companies.

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Understanding the Global Economy

A succinct explanation by Michael Pettis of the world’s most important economic imbalance (Chinese over-investment/under-consumption).

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Doing Your Bit to Rebalance the Global Economy

Time for everyone to help the Chinese rebalance their over-dependence on exports by buying 10% less stuff from China.

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