Platformonomics TGIF #20: September 1, 2023


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Every Single” Amazon PR Team is Working on Generative AI (Part I’ve Lost Count)

Even as Google finally begins to bestir itself, Amazon’s PR team remains focused on generative AI and their LLM-less AI strategy. The Information has a piece this week with a whole new backstory about Amazon’s LLM forays: “There are signs it is starting to get touchy about the perception that it’s at risk of falling behind in AI.”


Just a coincidence these two tweets are back to back?

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Just Three Steps into a 10k Race…

Bluster, Bombast and Bullshit: Just Another Day at Salesforce

In a week Dreamforce went from “the largest AI event ever” to now “the largest and most magical”. Presumably the addition of keynotes by another actress and Salesforce’s “chief ethical & humane use officer”1 vaulted them over that magical bar.

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New Relic: We Were Against Private Equity Before We Were For It

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This Week’s Software Migration Alerts

When private equity comes amalgamating, it is time to start migrating. Why? Because private equity ruins software companies.

This week’s warning is low severity as the migration is already mostly complete:

Political Age Limits are Unfair

We should require all politicians to provide proof of sentience regardless of age.

  1. This is worthy of a post of its own. ↩︎

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