Is Twitter the Next Second Life?


The Crowds of Second Life The Christian Science Monitor puts this link-baiting headline (ok, it worked) on a story about Twitter’s retention rate.  They don’t answer the question (or even mention Second Life) in the story , but if you want an answer there is a clear tell here: IBM.

In the absence of announcements about making Twitter run on the mainframe, enterprise-class Twitter, Twitter interoperability with private Twitter clouds, IBM company meetings on Twitter or a concerted press campaign about Sam Palmasaino’s Twitter account, I think it is safe to say that Twitter is not the next Second Life.

This bodes well for Twitter whose simplicity and accessibility are the antithesis of IBM.  IBM has product names that won’t fit in the 140 characters of a single Tweet.  The B in IBM isn’t brevity.  But I digress.

It is good to see that even as IBM continues their stealth layoffs, their commitment to Second Life is unwavering (Silicon Alley Insider has covered for my negligence in mocking recent developments in IBM’s Second Life strategy here, here and here).

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