I Have Seen the Future in Japan



(sorry for the earlier post sans picture)

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  1. Hi. I live in Tokyo and have not seen this sight. I don’t think it is "real" in the sense of a genuine advertising platform (as opposed to statement of some other sort; conceptual/performance art?).I have seen in Shanghai, however, people walking around with LCD+speaker rigs displaying bright full-screen graphics. My recollection of the rigs was that they would not put the same sort of strain on the neck that the ones pictured do.To my mind, the Shanghai electro-sandwich-board people were on the street walking around as the end result of cost-benefit analysis and an advertising budget. The guys in the picture are not.

  2. Charles Fitzgerald Avatar

    This was performance art – no statement intended wrt it being an advertising platform or anything else. Just one of those strange things you see in Tokyo, in this case at the Microsoft ReMIX event for Web developers.

  3. Sorry, I should not have put words in your mouth. BTW for some amazing Tokyo street scenes see:http://www.boingboing.net/2006/10/30/cool_robot_vehicle_t.html

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