Feedburner Under Google: “Dreck”


Another ding for Google’s acquisition track record:

I used to see a decent amount of ad dollar revenue via Feedburner…

Then Google took them over, and its been a total clusterf*&k ever since…

Utterly embarrassingly dreck. How worthless it is? The revenue dropped about 90%. Gee, why aren’t you folks reading TBP clicking on payday loan ads and mortgage broker leads?

Google took a wonderful RSS feeder — and its still an excellent RSS/email feeder — and made it irrelevant. Formerly strewn intelligent, higher end advertising, and completely destroyed it. Customer service is a disaster, the interface blows, Adsense is a pain in the ass — Feedburner has become utterly worthless as an advertising platform. October ads threw off under $500, down 75% from the pre-Google days, despite RSS feeds more than doubling over the past 3 months.

Don’t be evil? How about “Don’t be sucky?”

The Big Picture: Google Destroyed Feedburner

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