Coronavirus “Re-opening”

When can we exit the lockdown and start to resume our lives?

Move from the brute force of a lockdown to more targeted and nuanced strategy.

Containment -> Mitigation -> containment

Population-based mitigation -> case-based mitigation

National coronavirus response: A road map to reopening – this report from former FDA director Scott Gottlieb (who is exerting more leadership than the vast preponderance of our elected and appointed officials) is getting lots of attention. summary of aei


Re-opening Seattle

Seattle was one of the first places in the US to go into lockdown, so we may be able to one of the first exit. What will it take to exit the lockdown?

Likeely to be cautious

Others will follow.

When? Wuhan Jan 23 to – 70? days. Puts us into XXX

What are the metrics to watch and what has to be in place?

Multi-layered strategy

The viral funnel (source)

Uninfected/asymptomatic: masks, social distancing, vaccines, tests, tracing

Exposed: tests, tracing

Infected: isolation, drugs

Sick: hospitalization, therapeutics, PPE for MDs/nurses

Recovered: serology tests

Medical Developments

Testing – faster, cheaper, ubiquitous, random testing of asymptomatic people

Treatments – anti-viral, HCQ, red../Gilead

Serological tests


The COVID-19 App is Coming!

Use cases: contact tracking, quarantine enforcement/monitoring, symptom tracking, proof of immunity

Tracking and Tracing

Nextstrain – contact tracing




Travel Restrictions

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