image Microsoft (market cap $182 billion) is fixated on Google.

Google (market cap $122 billion) is fixated on Facebook.

Facebook (market cap ~$3 billon) is fixated on Twitter.

Who or what is Twitter fixated on? 

Revenue?  Uptime?  Oprah?  Rolling up the $300 billion in market cap chasing them?

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  1. harpooning fail whales

  2. Twitter’s done a convincing job positioning itself as a company not fixated on anything smaller. (After, of course, making the brilliant move of snapping up Summize and embedding that functionality in the core offering.)Twitter has the benefits of time, patience, notoriety, and money.(Friendster had all those, too — but Twitter has something Friendster never did: cross-generational buzz.)Twitter’s golden goose is its asynchronous structure, allowing everyone to make of the service what they will, participating as actively or as passively as they prefer. (Unlike, say, Facebook, which hamhandedly forces interaction through gimmicky applications.)Twitter’s platform, thanks to its simplicity and openness, will make fortunes for a handful of innovative third parties that plug into it and build upon it and drive traffic out of it; when the Twitter team decides to start capitalizing on the wealth of real-time attitudinal and behavioral data it’s created — allowing companies to tie that data into the customer and prospect data already housed in CRM systems — the marketing and selling opportunities becomes limitless. No doubt Twitter will find a way to slice off a good-sized sliver of that revenue for itself.

  3. Nice post, but the graphic is wrong. In Yertle the Turtle, the turtles were not on their backs.

  4. James – it was a "turtles all the way down" reference as opposed to the good Doctor Seuss.…/Turtles_all_the regrets its Seussian reference deficit.

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