Sony and the Joy of Overpriced Netbooks


Only Sony could produce a netbook that costs $900.  Their clever strategy: declare that it isn’t a netbook.  Let’s see small size, a small screen short on vertical resolution, an awkward keyboard, limited storage, wireless broadband, comes in multiple colors — sure smells like a netbook to me.  How is this three times better than the sub $300 Acer netbook I recently bought? (admittedly the Sony has more CPU power and a GPS).


Sony needs better differentiation than a much higher price, running Vista as opposed to the XP or Linux that most netbooks run (for good reason) and no doubt the usual full complement of Sony craplets which led to my previous vow not to buy any more laptops from Sony (did I mention that last Sony machine was subsequently recalled due to a possibility of “abnormal heat deformation”?).  They seem to have built the PS3 of netbooks.

One response

  1. It’s not like the CPU power even matters since they cram Vista onto the junk heap. Seriously, stupid idea with anything this underpowered, but again, it is Sony we’re discussing.

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