The Agony of Defeat


Forget reality game shows.  Forget drinking games.  Forget competitive spelunking.  My new choice for choosing our political leaders is steer wrestling.  You ride after a running steer (aka a cow with horns), leap off your horse, tackle the steer and pin it to the ground. 





Sometimes the steer wins.

One response

  1. A (perhaps) unforeseen side effect of your endorsement would be a dramatic change of course in the monikers of our political leaders.The below are taken from the current world leaders in bulldogging. I couldn’t make them up.Cash Myers T-Roy Orr Zane Hankel Baillie Milan Spud Duvall With the exception of Cash, which might be apropos for a politico, we’re in for a real change. We can document this phenomenon over time as well with a selection of past world champions.Rope Myers (Cash’s brother)Ote Berry (4-time champ)Homer Pettigrew (6-time champ)Ross Dollarhide (of Bill Kittredge fame)Dub Phillips (is that short for W?)So this sounds like a good idea if you want to vote for the Spud-Ote ticket. Otherwise, further vetting may be advisable.

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