The End of an Era


(For me anyway).  Today was my last day at Microsoft.  I’m going to see if there is life beyond the 98052 zip code and make sure I avoid any future tolls on the 520 bridge.

Microsoft was a phenomenal experience and I had the opportunity to work with an amazing array of people.  The company has set the benchmark for business success (if you haven’t looked at a Microsoft financial report recently, go check out all the digits, especially on the profit line).  Even the most successful of those who passed through are likely to fall far short of what Microsoft has accomplished.  I wish my co-workers well and continued success.

I probably could have stayed at Microsoft for a long time, but ultimately decided it was time for a self-inflicted change.  Among the things I have considered:

  • Spend more time with my family although they argue they have not done anything to deserve being subjected to that.
  • Start preparing for the singularity and get a jump on all the disappointed Y2K millenialists who will be hunkering down again for the big one.
  • Go full-time on my personal foundation where I could spend my time distributing pennies every hour.
  • Head for Iowa, declare my candidacy and immediately start campaigning for the 2012 caucuses.
  • Save the world by disrupting the energy industry, bring lasting peace to the Middle East, explore space, mentor a few startups and clean out my garage.
  • Travel the world as an ambassador for Philly Cheese steaks.

Stay tuned for more on my actual choice.  I am going to revel briefly in being unemployed.

Not sure what it means for this blog yet.  I may post more, I may post less.  I did find I couldn’t really blog about my job at Microsoft, so a lot of my posts were historical or irreverent (with the posts about IBM being both).  Hopefully, there should be less of that going forward (unless IBM continues to do things that are really egregious, and you don’t dare bet against them on that count) and I can be more topical.

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  1. RE: The End of an Era

    The End of an Era

  2. Charles, whatever the choice i’m sure it will be a good one and you will be missed at Microsoft.What would be good though is an Adam Sohn top 10 Charles-isms list…preferably with an audio / video section of some of your better Msft exec impressions…

  3. This has to be somewhere in the top 10:”We’re sort of in the Hegelian synthesis of figuring out where the products go once they’ve encountered the reality of the marketplace,” said Charles Fitzgerald, Microsoft’s general manager for platform strategy.

  4. Classy good bye. Nicely done. Looks like a loss for MSFT though.

  5. Hey good luck Charles. I enjoyed working with you at MS many years ago.

  6. Sadly I missed your last day, but hopefully you’ll come along to MIX and tell us which choice you made 😉

  7. Your insight, brains and ‘say it like it is’ style will be missed on this side of the pond.Best of luck for the future.

  8. I’ll miss the use of obscure literary words and references. Hagel has already been referenced, just above ‘egregious’, which is hardly in common use and required my thesarus, once again :-)Good luck

  9. Would you care to comment on the rumor that you are leaving Microsoft to form a start-up venture with Robert Scoble?

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